Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Times

Babies are naturally happy. Trust me, I know. But when you add in all the great stuff that's been going on in my life, I think I am happier than most.

Let's see... my garden is doing great. Mommy and I have harvested—and eaten—three cucumbers out of the garden already and more are on the way. We also have tomatoes that are getting bigger every day. Here's a picture of my very first cucumber; isn't it beautiful?!

I think I'll share the next batch of cucumbers with my next door neighbors. They are always sharing with us so I think they'd like a cucumber or two.

Then, my grandmama came to visit! She was supposed to get here on Friday but Delta kept her in Detroit until Saturday. No worries, we made up for the lost time by spending every minute together. We went swimming and to the park and to church and to Target and out to dinner and read tons of books and just had a wonderful time together.

The outfit I'm wearing in the picture at the top of today's entry is one of the many wonderful things she brought me in her suitcase. I miss her and can't wait to see her in October.

Oh, I've also learned to boogy! My two favorite songs are Funkytown and Boom Boom Pow. Both have a great beat and are easy to dance to. Grandma made a video of my jamming to Funkytown with mommy and daddy. I danced myself silly; it was great!

Hope you're still enjoying your summer. Talk to you later.

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