Sunday, April 17, 2011

Technical Issues

Hi all my readers out there... sorry for the lack of recent postings but I have a really good reason: technical issues. See, my mommy is not a fan of new technology-- the camera we were using was about 8 years old... well they stopped making the memory cards that it could read so that forced mommy and daddy to get a new camera.

After they got the new camera, they found out that our printer couldn't read the new cards either. So we were going to have to get a new printer. Grandma suggested making picture CDs instead which mommy thought was a great idea... until she got to the picture store and found out she's had the camera on a really low setting so the pictures she took are blurry when they print. So now she's trying to figure out how to increase the resolution on the camera... this is enough to make a baby crazy!

Today, mommy took the radical step of reading the instructions that came with the camera and found a way to upload the pictures without having to buy a new printer. Woo-hoo! Happiness and joy throughout Tucker!

So without further delay, here're some new(er) pictures of me. I've been very busy since I last posted. Let's see... I've started using toothpaste, I started a new school, and we went to Callaway Gardens for a short family break. Here are the slightly blurry pictures. I hope you can see them. Mommy is working on getting better with the camera. Talk to you later.

Toothpaste Although I've been brushing my teeth for years now, I've always only used water. After I went to the dentist, Miss Lauri suggested I try toothpaste. So mommy got me bubble fruit flavored Dora toothpaste. It's not the tastiest stuff but it's not totally awful either.

First Day of School Motessori School at Emory is my new school. I started there a few weeks ago. These are pictures of me from my first day of school. Both mommy and daddy took me. They let me pick out a dress myself and made breakfast and everything. It was really nice. Although I miss my friends at Miss Jeanette's, I'm making new friends and liking going to school. I've learned lots of new things and my teacher, Ms. Preeti, is my favorite.

Callaway Gardens Our trip to Callaway Gardens was a lot of fun. We saw so many flowers and butterflies. Mr. Ribbit came too. Everything was going great until I fell and got a boo-boo going along one of the paths but daddy was there to carry me back to the car and do first-aid on my elbow.

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