Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with your friends and family. I did!

The Easter bunny came to my house while we were at church and left me presents... DVDs, candy, and best of all, a Sleeping Beauty dress up outfit.

We had to get going very early Easter morning because mommy was playing in both services and daddy was greeting in between services so I was tired and took a nap before my cousins came over.

When they got here, we had an Easter egg hunt in the back yard with the eggs that mommy and I dyed and many that were filled with candy.

After a tasty dinner, we had strawberries for dessert. But not before mommy made me change out of my dress.

Speaking of my dress, didn't I look like a ballerina in it? It was so pink and pretty. And, I picked it myself at the store. I tried my hardest to convince mommy that I should also wear it to school the next day but she wouldn't agree. I don't understand why.

I also got a chocolate bunny in my Easter basket that looked like Peter Rabbit. He was very tasty. Mommy will only let me have a small piece of him each day. She said that would make Easter last longer and I'm all for that! Talk to you later.

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