Friday, June 22, 2012

Late May

Yes, I am extremely late sharing with you all the things that happened in my life in May. It has just been very busy around here. We got May started off in a big way with my school concert. We sang several songs and had a great time. After the concert, we enjoyed hanging out with my friends and playing.

The next day, mommy, daddy and I left for a few days vacation in Florida. We swam, lay by the pool, went to the water park, saw fireworks, and just relaxed. It was wonderful. Then it was Mother's Day. Daddy and I made mommy a tasty brunch with vanilla cinnamon pancakes and cheese eggs. She also had bacon but I ended up eating it off her plate.

Then, over Memorial Day weekend we went to the Renaissance Festival and to Chattanooga to play in the fountain and on the merry-go-round. See, I told you it was a very busy month! Here are some pictures from our great adventures. Talk to you later!

I'm in this picture... really; in the front row wearing a pink shirt.
playing after we were done singing. that's my friend Tochi.

In the pool in Florida

At the water park with Kayla

Cooking is one of my most favorite activities


at the Renaissance Festival with Anju

King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Bolyn made me a real princess

playing in the fountain in Coolidge Park

having a picnic lunch with mommy and daddy

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Emiene Wright said...

So happy to see a picture of you mixed in there with Ryanne! Though of course she is always beautiful.