Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Dancing

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommys out there. You do a lot for us and we appreciate it. Right now, daddy and I are cooking dinner for mommy so I can't stay long... just wanted to share some pictures from my recital last night.

The shots are a little dark and blurry because mommy was not allowed to use the flash but she was trying her hardest. You know how that is, right?

Also, mommy is figuring out how to upload the video from daddy's phone so that may come later. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures... and wish us good thoughts for our dinner. Talk to you later.

That's me on the far right... we danced to Cup of Life by Ricky Martin

Dancing to I Believe I can Fly by R. Kelly

And to Do You Love Me

Happy Feet!

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