Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow in Georgia

Yesterday while we were out running errands, I saw snow! It was beautiful; it floated in the air before it melted on my face. This wasn't my first snow. About this time last year it snowed. I don't remember it but mommy and daddy took me outside and took my picture in the snow. I was pretty young then so I don't remember much about it except that it was cold. Why is it that snow only comes when it's cold? I think it should come when it's warmer so you can really enjoy it. Wouldn't it be nice to sit outside in your bathing suit, feel the sun on your back and the whisper of snow on your face? I think so but that's only one baby's opinion.

Today we had sleet, not nearly as nice as snow; mommy and daddy had the good sense to stay indoors all day today. Even though it was yucky outside, we had a wonderful lazy day... slept late, had waffles, played music and danced, took a nap, had snacks, watched football, all the good stuff. Now, we're getting ready to have dinner. Daddy is reheating gumbo mommy made and also is making rice, my favorite. Talk to you later.

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