Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Here's hoping you had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family. I sure did! On Saturday we went to the museum to see the new exhibit on cars. I also go to play in the play center there and make my own art. Afterwards we went to the Varsity for hot dogs and onion rings.
Sunday, after we got back from church, Auntie Tara and my cousins came over for a visit. Anutie Tara brought over eggs so we could have an egg hunt in the backyard. Daddy made ham on the grill and macaroni and cheese... two of my favorites. Then we went to the park and played... you'd think that was the best part... well, after the park we had strawberries. That was the best part! I think I ate an entire container by myself.

All that activity, paired with me skipping my nap, made for a very tired but happy baby. Hope your day was as wonderful. Talk to you later.

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