Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bring on the Eggs!

Today we went to the Tucker Easter Egg Hunt at Cofer Park. This was my second hunt ever... for those of you that remember, I did this last year at a different park and had my picture taken with the Easter bunny. Well, I'm still great at hunting eggs; I just don't like the bunny.
Nothing against large-headed rabbits but this one just wasn't one of my favorites. I made sure to voice my displeasure (LOUDLY) every time he went by.
Besides the bunny, the egg hunt was fabulous. I got to see a fire truck and sit in an ambulance... I ran and played and met lots of other babies... oh, I got lots of eggs too and everyone commented on my super-cute headgear. Here are some pictures. Hope you like them. Talk to you later.

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Kathleen said...


She is too cute. And I love your hair longer. It looks great and so do you. Had a great time with your Mom.


Evelyn is coming on Thursday.