Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joy to the World

It's Christmas! At last, after all the anticipation of the big day, it's finally here. Mommy, daddy, and I were up early to get the turkey on the grill... well actually only daddy was up early doing that; mommy and I were with him in spirit but our bodies were still in the bed.

Once we got up and had some breakfast (cereal, cinnamon bread, and banana yogurt) we opened presents.

There were quite a few of them with my name on them from the big guy himself (that's Santa, in case you didn't know) but I was mostly interested in the Veggie Tales book I got. Later I got interested in my stocking stuffers and puzzles but the morning belonged to King George and his Duckies.

My Atlanta cousins, grandma, great uncle, uncle, and aunt all came over to have dinner and play. We had a great time and everything was yummy.

Now I'm off to bed so mommy and daddy can do the last of the dishes.

Today was really fun. I wish everyday could be like this. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. Talk to you later.

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