Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today in Tucker

Today was my usual day, you know-- breakfast, playing, napping, lunch, more playing, etc. Just the usual baby stuff. We baked cookies Sunday night for mommy's co-workers and last night we baked cookies for daddy's co-workers. Apparently Christmas brings the opportunity for lots of sweets and delicious baked goodies. I got to try a gingerbread cookie and a chocolate chip one too.

I went to Ms. Megan's today to play with Amber, Kate, and Sarah; we had a blast. I've learned to sing 'twinkle, twinkle, little star' ... one day mommy may be able to catch it on video and show to you. Everytime I see her with the camera, I stop singing to go see what's she's doing. Maybe one of these days I'll let her make the video, you never know.

I'm down to one nap a day now; good for me, not so good for mommy and daddy. I get a lot more playing in, they get even less done. I don't think they mind... I'll go ask. Talk to you later.

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