Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photo Shoot

Mommy was off work this past week and we had a fabulous time together. I helped her decorate the house for Christmas. If you can believe it, she actually put trees in the house! But they weren't regular trees, no, these trees came out of bags from the basement and they have lights all over them. After she added the sparkly ornaments to them they were beautiful. I helped with positioning the ornaments to keep them away from Pouncer and Cleo... and easily in my reach. There's a white, gold, and silver tree in the big living room but my favorite tree is the one with the colored lights in the family room. It's got great ornaments on it too. There were so many it was hard to pick a favorite so I made it a point to touch them all.

After the trees were up, mommy kept trying to take my picture by them. She tried first by the living room tree but I wouldn't cooperate (her words, I thought I was being pretty workable) so she switched to the tree in the family room. Her goal, she said, was to get a good shot of me to put in the Christmas card... doesn't she know every shot is a good one?

Anyway, after about 30 minutes of trying (gotta give her points for perserverance) she got the one you saw at the beginning of today's posting. But lest you think that came easy, here are the ones she didn't use. Hope you're enjoying the second sunday of Advent. Talk to you later.

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Anonymous said...

Ryanne, your mommy is a busy lady. Not only does she decorate your house but she sent Grandma Nell some funny dancing snowmen to decorate my house. Grandma knew as soon as she saw them that she had to press a button to see what they would do. What fun!! Please tell mommy "thank you" from us.
A. Mary