Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween, Halloween, trick or treat, what fun! Did you know that if you go to someone's door and say trick or treat they will give you candy? Try it; it worked for me... again and again tonight. Mommy and I went over to Miss Gina's house for a Halloween party and marshmallow roast. We were all dressed up in silly, cute costumes. After a quick dinner, we went trick or treating in the neighborhood. I tried to keep up, but was slowed down by the tasty goodness in my pumpkin. A nice lady gave me a lollipop and I had to taste it immediately. I think I ate 4, maybe 5, lollipops tonight but I lost count. Mommy took my pumpkin to keep me from eating more. I have to find it. Talk to you later.

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