Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Birthday Week

Tomorrow is my birthday but I started celebrating early. Thursday, I shared birthday cake with my friends at Miss Janette's; it was chocolate. Then, on Friday, my grandma got here from Detroit. And today, we had a big party with lots of friends and family at the jumpy place. We ran and played and went down the super big slides. I had a really good time. After playing, we enjoyed McDonald's french fries and cake. The cake had Dora and Diego on it. It was very tasty.

All that playing wore my out so when we came home I took a nice long nap; I think mommy, daddy, and grandma did too. Then we went to my favorite mexican restaurant and they sang happy birthday to me there too!
Now, I'm off to bed and daddy is putting together my new Dora tricycle. Today was a great day; tomorrow will be too. Talk to you later.

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