Thursday, October 9, 2008

Did you hear about the Cubbies?

According to my daddy, long before I was born I was destined to be a fan of the Chicago Cubs. Seeing as I don't know what baseball is, that was fine with me. My daddy liked to watch them, so I did too. I even liked their nice letter on daddy's cap. He said something about they were going to the World Series and that it was supposed to happen for me and that I was their good luck charm. We even learned that odd song they were singing in Chicago.Well, for a few nights last week, things went horribly wrong. They forgot how to play... maybe they needed me to show them how. I'm really good at playing.

At least they postponed being swept out of the playoffs until after daddy's birthday (birthday was Friday, Cubs defeat was Saturday). He was sad but I was there to cheer him up. See, I'm a pretty good luck charm.

Daddy says there's always next year.

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