Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think I'm allergic to milk

There are so many things a baby must get adapted to as they turn one. Believe me, I know. First, there's the walking thing. I'm getting better at it. Mommy and daddy work with me on it everyday. And of course, I practice a lot. I do get around a lot faster when I crawl (really, really fast) but I want to learn to walk so I can learn to run.

Then, there's milk, the original reason for my post. I started with a little bit in each bottle (per mommy- 2 ounces milk to 4 ounces tasty goodness) to see how I would do. Well, poorly is the understatement here. It changed my tummy so I cried a lot, which made mommy really sad. Daddy started giving me Mylicon drops because he thought that would help. It didn't so I'm back on 100% formula for now. Daddy said he'll call the doctor to see what she says. I'm not looking forward to trying it again.

Next, there's the birthday planning. Every night mommy's working out details, checking menu's, making gift bags, and so on. I would like to help but I think she's on a roll and there's no stopping her now. I'm just looking forward to seeing my grandmama. She's coming in from Detroit for my big day. I can't wait to wrap her around my little finger too.

Lastly, there's my hair. Mommy was hopeful I'd grow some before I turned one. I think she's abandoning hope. I keep telling her hair is way overrated (see my previous post on hair washing) but she keeps buying hair bows and hoping. It'll happen one day. Talk to you later.


grandma said...

my sweet child,
grandma is busy packing and looking for little treasues she has for you. now, just where did she put them?
i'll see you and mommy and that cubbie fan on friday. much love

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Clan is rooting for a great first birthday for you! Wish we weren't quite so far away.
A. Mary