Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bath Night

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are bath night. While I like taking a bath, I definitely don't like getting my hair washed.

Even with the good smelling soap and tasty conditioner mommy invested a lot of money in (her words, not mine), nothing can get me to like getting my hair washed.

I ask you, would you like getting water dumped over your head, ruining your beautiful creation of hair and the day's meals? I didn't think so. It takes a lot of effort to get my hair-to-food ratio just right and in one fell swoop, mommy or daddy ruins it, making me have to start over the next morning.

To distract me from hair washing, mommy started giving me bubbles in my bath water. Bubbles are the oddest things. No matter how hard you grip them, you can't get a workable handful. And, when you try to taste them, you get nothing but a bearded look that makes mommy laugh and laugh. If anyone's figured out the secret for tasting bubbles, can you please share? Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog, Ryanne. Thanks for sharing. A.Mary

Kathleen said...

Hi Ryanne, aren't baths great? I'm telling you grownups need to develop another way to was a 1yr olds hair! When I was little my Mom had a plastic brim(like on a picute hat), it had elastic and went around my head, just above the ears. Water could be poured by the buckets and it just ran down around me! Never any soap or water in my eyes or ears. With all this saftey stuff and new gadgets for babies you'd think someone would redesign that. Just hang in there, it will get better. Love...Kathy W.