Saturday, September 27, 2008

Swingin' Along

Today we went to the playground at Brook Run park. Mommy was excited because she'd heard that unlike all the others she'd checked, this park had swings. Have you ever heard of swings? Well if you haven't or if your playground doesn't have them, you should find one and try it immediately. They are the best invention ever!

Here's a picture of me enjoying the baby swing.

They also make swings for taller people. I couldn't do those on my own but luckily daddy was there to help me.

My new favorite, after swings of course, is the slide. I went down a couple of times with daddy. Then I went down by myself! It was so much fun.

Hope your Saturday was equally exciting and fun-filled. Talk to you later.

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Kathleen said...

Hi Ryanne,

I love looking at your blog! You are quite the writer for such a little girl. I am impressed with your movement abilitoes too!

Aren't swings and the park just the best thing? See if your Mom will give you a piece of wax paper to sit on when you go down the slide the next time. Wait till you see how fast you can go with that "little extra boost"!

Keep writing, I'm reading.

Kathleen Winterfield(Your Grandma's best friend)