Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family Night Supper

Wednesdays are Family Night Supper night at church. Daddy and I go up there for tasty dinner and socializing. Sometimes mommy gets off work in time to meet us, sometimes she doesn't.

Tonight, she was able to make it! Imagine my surprise to see her before 7. Not that I know what time it is... I'm just repeating what daddy said. I was sitting in the high chair, enjoying my baked ziti, controlling my audience, when she came in. Oh, what a happy moment for me. I of course had to thrill her with one of my best (and I do mean my best) screams. She enjoyed it. Can't say the folks next to, or behind, me enjoyed it, but mommy sure did. After she gave me kisses, she allowed me to get ziti and spaghetti sauce all over her suit. What a wonderful mommy.

Daddy went to make us... I mean her, a dinner plate from the line and we got to visit. What a wonderful daddy.

Every baby should be so lucky. Good night.

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