Friday, September 26, 2008


At long last, mommy has mastered uploading videos of me... at least we think so. If she did this correctly, you'll see a video of me standing up and clapping. If she didn't, well, sorry. Hopefully she did because I am really cute in this one. Check it out.

While we were waiting for the video to load I decided to go and add some pictures of me as well from yesterday. In the pictures I'm wearing a lovely outfit that my grandmama sent me... don't I look cute? Talk to you later.

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Lara said...

Hi Ryanne! Tell your Mommy "good job" on the video clip! It is so fun to watch you growing and changing! I can't wait to do the things you're doing, but I've got a few months to go yet. Good job on keeping your parents awake--I'm taking very good notes on your tactics (just don't tell my parents or I won't be allowed to look at your blog anymore!) Talk to you later!
Love, Evelyn