Friday, September 5, 2008

My aunt and cousins came to visit

My auntie Tara came to visit last night and brought my cousins Keenan, Deante, and Keara. They were all really nice to me and I had everybody's undivided attention. Which meant I had to put on my best display of baby prowess... you know, speed crawling, drooling, pulling Pouncer's whiskers, singing at the top of my lungs... all the good stuff. I even allowed auntie Tara to hold me for just a few seconds until Mr. Ribbit showed up. Then I had to go--nothing gets between a girl and her frog!

Considering how much she dislikes real ones, my mommy was surprised that I've chosen a frog as my lovey. I like Ellie (my elephant) too, but my one true love is Mr. Ribbit, except for mommy and daddy of course.

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auntie jen said...

My godchild is an absolute genius, and, of course, fabulously beautiful--a prodigy.