Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Theme has Developed

Good evening all, I was going back through with mommy looking at my previous posts and I noticed a theme of 'sleep' or specifically lack of sleep, has been the constant in all my previous posts. Such is the life of a baby and her parents. Luckily, mommy and daddy are proving to be trainable and are learning to function with little or no sleep.

I keep telling them that if I can adapt to life outside the womb, they can adapt to life with no sleep. Besides, it's not forever. I'm growing up pretty fast. Why miss a moment of it sleeping?

That being said, I cruised today. I think that's the technical term for it. Basically I held onto the edge of the dresser and used it to move a few steps, yes steps! to the right.

Daddy got to see it and he was very excited. He told mommy as soon as she came in the door before I could mention it in my nightly rundown of the days activities for her.

I've been battling a cold for the last couple of days so I'm pretty miserable. Even though I feel pretty puny, I still was able to ham it up for mommy, my resident paparazzi, tonight. Enjoy.

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