Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday evening and all is well

Here's hoping you had a good day. I did, every day is a good day here in Tucker.

We all got an early start today... work for mommy and daddy; daycare for me. And, despite the fact I stayed up most of last night and was very tired, in solidarity with mommy and daddy, I refused all but a short 30-minute nap at daycare.

For dinner tonight I had plums with apple mix, pasta, cheerios, peaches, and 6 ounces of tasty goodness (that's formula for the uninitiated). Yes, that sounds like an eclectic dinner but I wasn't sure what I really wanted so I settled for tasting a bit of everything. That's what tired babies do. Now I'm in my purple pj's and working on going to sleep.

I realized today, probably during the time I should have been napping, that I hadn't added any new pictures for a few, maybe 5 days... so here's a picture of me reading. Talk to you later.

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Auntie Jen said...

Auntie Jenna enjoys keeping up with your exploits. If you take a page out of Maribeth's book, you can stay in mommy and daddy's bed until you're seven. Plan carefully though and keep them tired. In the meantime, my computer decided to work tonight, so I am able to update. Uncle Dean will soon be paying for a new one. He can have input if he gets on the stick; if not, we'll be able to enjoy our daily updates sooner rather than later.
I would like for you to post a list of your fondest desires for your birthday. I do want to remain in your top ten favorite list, so help Auntie Jen out and drop some suggestions in your upcoming blogs. All of my love.