Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm supposed to be taking a nap

As the header states, I'm supposed to be napping, but I'm not. Daddy is in here with me trying his hardest to get me to sleep. Maybe I'll give him a break... then again, maybe not. This is a little late for my morning nap but I got up today a little later than normal.

I went to bed late last night because we went bowling. Daddy used to bowl a lot before I came along and redirected his energy. His first game was pretty bad, even by my standards. Mommy tried to be encouraging but I could tell she was laughing on the inside... wonder how she'd bowl? By his 5th game he bowled a 168 so I gave him a big baby cheer followed by a huge drooly kiss.

I've discovered that I really really like sleeping with mommy and daddy, more so than I enjoy being in my own bed so I make it a point to end the night in their bed. Nothing like waking up between them and seeing how much space I can take up. I'm small but I need the entire bed to be comfortable; they can have the edges but I need the rest of it.

Maybe if mommy came in here with us, I'd go to sleep. I think I'll holler for her to see if she's sleepy too. Talk to you later.

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Kathleen said...

Hi Ryanne, Your Grandma sent me your blog. I'm catching up on your news daily. You are very bright...I wonder if your folks have any idea they are puppets in your daily life? Well, that's how it is for most new parents! But watch out, they're bound to catch on.
I sent your site to Evelyn, she's taking note. Kathy Winterfield